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My projects

In addition to my studies at RWTH Aachen University, I am also involved in some other projects. On this page I present a small selection of them. Most of the projects are of interest projects, as well as some that result from past projects. These include in particular the projects related to the alumni association of my former school.
All projects outside my study projects are volunteer activities for personal interest.

Service Customization in Convergent Networks

As part of my studies at RWTH Aachen University a seminar paper originated to the topic "Service Customization in Convergent Networks".

This paper is written in English and it is a collaboration with my fellow student David Haase. You can find it amongst others here and the presentation slides here.

Abstract: Currently networks are divided into fixed networks (ISDN, PSTN), and mobile networks (GPRS, UMTS). This scenario will be substituted with a new kind of network called the Next Generation Network (NGN), where all services can be used independently of the users’ location or hardware. To achieve the goal of being able to use your preferred services in different locations, with variable hardware, and with the possibility of up- or downgrading the service level according to your needs, services have to be customized. This is why different customization techniques have been developed until now. Basically you can distinguish between approaches working at the transport layer and others working at the application layer.
This work gives a survey of the elaborated models of a NGN, different negotiation techniques working at the transport layers, and different customization techniques working at the service layer.

Attention: The file is only accessible from within the network of the RWTH University. Requests from outside need a special login. In order to obtain login information, please contact me here.

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Brass Band Düren

A while ago, the association "Brass Band Düren e.V." asked me to create its new website with TYPO3. The new design was made by my fellow student Mario Fraikin.

The site uses an internal user sections to deliver personalized content. Users have to register to gain access to the internal sections. Currently the site is operated in the two languages English and German.

The finished website can be found at www.brassbanddueren.de

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January/February 2008