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02/15/08 17:17 Age: 12 yrs

Seminar finished

By: René Herpertz

Yesterday I finished my seminar entitled "Convergent Networks" at the Chair of Computer Science 4 of the RWTH Aachen University giving a final presentation. The topics were attended in groups of two students each.

Our topic, which I worked on together with my fellow student David Haase, dealt with the customization of services in a converged network. The current development in the telecommunications industry means that in the next few years, the various networks (analog / digital, mobile, xDSL, wireless ,...) will be merged together into a single network. Services should be used by the user in a simple way regardless of its location and its terminal used. To achieve this, new mechanisms for individual adjustment of services have to be developed. In our written composition we will give a survey of the elaborated models of a Next Generation Network, different negotiation techniques working at the transport layers, and different customization techniques working at the service layer.

You can find the paper in English language amongst others here.

You can find more information regarding this document at my Projects page.

Attention: The file is only accessible from within the network of the RWTH University. Requests from outside need a special login. In order to obtain login information, please contact me here.