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06/01/09 19:49 Age: 11 yrs

Browser-Update Campaign

By: René Herpertz

Campaigns against outdated browsers, especially Internet Explorer 6, which has been stubbornly holding on the market, are now raising and shall lead to a rethinking.

A notice will appear
when a visitor
with an outdate browser
visits these pages

The initiative Browser-Update

Still, too many users on the Internet are using outdated browsers and are exposing them to unnecessary risks. One of the oldest browsers is the Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), which currently is still used frequently.

The IE6 is almost eight years old and hardly supports current web standards. Many web pages are displayed completely different than intended by the web designer and, therefore, drive many web designes crazy. I myself have gained many negative experiences developing web pages for the IE6. Besides the lacking support of certain web standards, the IE6 turns out to be a high security risk for the user.

Since several months, many sites are raising showing up a small hint informing the user about his outdated browser. The aim is to explain the user that he should upgrade his browser as soon as possible. Today, many alternatives are available for free all over the net, not least even from the manufacturer of the IE6 itself. Unfortunately there are many unjustified predjudices against the IE7 or IE8, which -in my opinion- are no reason for not using a current (and thus safer) browser.

This is why I have decided to show a little note notifying the visitor that his browser is obsolete when such a browser is detected. Alternatively, web site operators can make use of free services, instead of implementing an own solution.

The initiative Browser Update offers free JavaScript code, which can be integrated easily into your own web page. The initiators of this service hope that their service will awake the interest to update the borwser. To achieve this goal, web site operators should participate in this project or implement own solutions.

Another, much bigger initiative is IE6: Do NOT want! and was raised by some norwegian website operators. This procedure does not make the use of JavaScript providing a similar function.