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Service provider in the sense of TMG/MDStV

René Herpertz
Schoellerstrasse 15
D-52351 Dueren

E-Mail: Form for contact
Internet: www.reneherpertz.de

Contentwise responsible person in accordance with § 10 paragraph 3 MDStV: René Herpertz (address like above)

Adhesion reference: Despite careful contentwise control we do not take over adhesion for contents of external pages. Responsibe for contents of the linked sites is the owner of the linked site.

GnuPG/PGP Public Key

For encrypted Transfer of data i use GnuPG with the following Key:

Key-ID: 0xAB75A65E
Key-File: 0xAB75A65E.asc
Key-Fingerprint: CA46 B176 D417 61D3 47F6  6F96 2294 6249 AB75 A65E
Valid from: 03/03/2006
Valid until: no indication